Copying Posts From One Blogger account To Another.

Do you have a problem in copying some or all of your blogger posts from one blogger account to another?  Don’t worry, in this post, you will learn to do it safely.
Copying posts from one blogger account to another is best done in saving old posts from extinction. You must have more than two Gmail account to do that or transferring the posts to another person blogger post.

Guide To Copy Post From One blogger Account To Another.

1. Login to your blogger account.
2. Delete any unwanted posts you don’t want to copy.
3. Go to the export tab from the settings tab.
4. Click on the export blog and click on download blog on the confirmation message window. Your computer will download a file for windows users. It will appear either in documents or download file.
5. Open the blog you will want to move the posts too.
6. Go to settings and click on import blog. On the open window, choose the blog downloaded file and enter the security text.
7. Choose whether or not to automatically publish all imported pos…

How To Make Money With Amazon Kindle Daily

Bloggers all over the world are also authors. Writing ebooks by the side and self-publishing them on services like Smashwords, Kobo, Amazon Kindle, Createspace just to mention a few is an in thing today.

As a blogger or writer, you can make extra money by writing an ebook on a specific title with lots of information and self-publish it on Amazon Kindle. Amazon Kindle is a service offered by Amazon for writers to self-publish their work and earn extra money.

                              How To Self Publish On Amazon Kindle

Register with your email and password to register with Amazon kdp.Write a great ebook on an interesting topic on a niche.Ensure your ebook have more than 25 pages.Make use of Grammarly to write good English.When your ebook is ready, sign in to Amazon kdp.Click on 'new' to start with your self-publishing.Fill in the title, subtitle and author of the ebook.Click save and continue to the next page and upload your ebook.Click on 'cover' to …

Earn Income With Youtube Creative Commons Videos

Youtube creative common videos are free videos in Youtube's video archive that you can monetize. Creative common videos are videos created by others giving permission for the use of these videos for commercial purposes.

As a blogger or an individual who wants to earn money online, you can make use of Youtube creative common videos and monetize them provided you give credit to the original owner or creator.

How To Make Use Of Youtube Creative Common Videos

1. Sign in to your Youtube account.

2. Click on Youtube editor.

3. Select creative common tab to search for millions of CC videos.

4. Input keywords of your niche in the search box to find various CC videos.

5. Choose the ones you need and drag them into the Youtube video editor.

6. Edit them according to your taste.

7. Select the text tab, drag a title clip to the beginning and end of the CC videos chosen.

8. You can change the size, font and position of the video title to your taste.

9. Ensure CTA ( Call To Action). Tell your vi…

Youtube Videos A Way To Make Money Online On Autopilot

Video marketing is one of the online marketing strategies to generate traffic to your blog and also make money. Youtube is one service where you can upload your videos and share them for people to view them.

You can link your blog's URL to these videos thereby bringing free traffic to your blog but the most important part of this service is that you can monetize your video. When you monetize your videos by registering for Google Adsense and running ads on your videos, you get paid when people view these videos.

                                             GETTING STARTED

Create a Youtube account.Create a channel for your niche videos.Upload your videos.
Ensure you enable monetization of your videos by signing up for Google Adsense.You should tag these videos with keywords that explain the video's content.Include your blog's URL if you have one.Place your affiliate links in the annotation tab section.Share your videos everywhere on the internet especially on Facebook and Twi…

How To Make Use Of E-Marketing To Generate Traffic For Your Blog

E-marketing is a form of marketing online to promote your goods and services. You can market your goods, services, and blogs on the internet to gain more exposure. In this post, you will learn the various ways to market and promote your goods and services for more exposure and sales.
Forms Of E-Marketing To Generate Traffic For Your Blog

Forum Marketing
It is a form of marketing on forums to promote your goods and services. 
This is how you go about this method:
You search for forums in your niche.
You use your signature that includes your name and blog’s URL.
Place your signature at the bottom of your post and profile.
Find post to reply, post questions for others to reply to or better still, post quality information.
Ensure to post on 5 forums per day.
Engage on forums with large numbers and are active.
Create a forum on your blog and display Google Adsense on them.
Search for a post relating to your niche, comment on them and include your page link that matches the post’s topic. This will bring…

22 Awesome Tools To Analyze Your Blog

Auditing and analyzing your blog from time to time is very important. Knowing the status of your blog will enable you to improve the weak areas. In this post, You will learn about some important tools to grade your site and know the weak points in your blog you need to work on.
It is important to know your blog's analysis like Google rank of your blog, DA- Domain Authority, PA- Page Authority, Alexa Rank, Backlinks, Internal links, Broken links and more.

Tools To Analyze Your Blog

Website Grader
It crawls your site and gives you details of your blog in relation to page speed, site weight, blog security and keyword strength. Visit
Majestic Seo
It reveals backlinks in your blog both broken and active links. Marketing search engine and backlinks.
It gives you keywords suggestions that enrich your content. It has both free and paid services.
It gives long-tail keywords suggestions. You can also fine tune your primary keyw…

Google Adsense A Way To Generate Steady Income

Google Adsense has become the most important and easy way to make money online by bloggers. Just placing the ad codes on your blog is the magic step towards a steady stream of income if and only if you are approved by Google Adsense.
Google Adsense is a thing of joy to many bloggers in today’s world of blogging. Making money through ads placed by Adsense on your blog is a money making a generator of a sort.
In this post, I will show you steps to take before applying for Google Adsense and steps to take after getting approval to increase your Google Adsense revenue.
Steps To take Before Applying For Google Adsense
1. Get a domain name and hosting plan.
2. Create a blog of a good niche such as entertainment, fashion, tech.
3. Give your blog a good design.
4. Get SEO friendly template.
5. Ensure to put the following on your navigation menu such as About Us, Contact Us, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Label/Categories, Blog Archives, Author Profile, Sitemap.

6. Ensure to fill your blog with …
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