100 Best Free Classified Ads Websites To Promote Your Blog

Classified ads websites have been a major source of a free advert for your online business. As a blogger, you need exposure for blog or business. You can make of free adverts or paid one. If you opt for the free one then the free classified ad is one of your best options.

If you place an ad in 50 free classified ads websites covering a various section of the world, you can bet the amount of traffic you will get to your blog. Making your presence known online is very important.

In this post, I will list some of the best online free classified ads websites that you can use for online business without spending a dime. Some offer paid services you desire that.

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50 Awesome Places To Share Your Posts To Increase Your Traffic

Writing a good post is good but sharing them to be seen and read by many is more important. Sharing your posts to the right places to be by a large audience and read for consumption must be the top prioty of every blogger.

In this post, I will show you various places to share your blog posts exposing your post and blog to the world. Sharing your posts to the right places can also increase traffic to your blog. Have you ever thought of sharing your posts in article directories?

If not, let us peruse the various places where you can share your post or site link.

                                                Article Directories

1. Ezinearticles

2. Hubpages

3. StumbleUpon

4. Reddit

5. Scribd

6. Digg

7. Squidoo

                                               Blogging Directories

8. Bestoftheweb

9. Eatonwebdirectory


11. Blog Search Engine

12. BlogCatolog

13. Bloggapedia

14. Spillbean

15. BloggingFusion

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Upload And Download Directly On Blogger

Have you been looking for a way to create a download link on blogger blog whereby your visitors can download items directly from your blog? Well, you are lucky to come across this post. In this post, I will show you how to create a download link on blog where visitors can download any item you want them to download directly from your blog.

What product do you want your readers to download? Is it an eBook, file or photo album? Do you have a freebie you want to give out free in a downloadable format? If yes, let us look at the steps to achieve this.

1. Visit and register with your gmail account.

2. Choose a blank template, site name, URL and complete the required fields.

3. Click on create a new page.

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4. Choose page name you want.

5. Under Select a template, choose file cabinet.

6. After that, click Create.

7. Click on add file. Choose a file you want downloaded on your blog from your drive or storage.

8.  Right…

30 Great Blogging Tips To Improve Your Blog

Bloggers have a tremendous job in creating good content. Good content for visitors and advertisers. To this end, we are obliged to produce good quality posts to satisfy our readers. Remember, Good content also brings organic traffic from search engines.

In this post, I want highlight blogging tips that will enhance our content and also bring a good measure of traffic to our blogs. To bloggers, huge traffic means cool cash.

Blogging Tips

1. Create good content daily.

2. Avoid the use of excess plugins.

3. Avoid plagiarism.

4. Make the use of guest posting

5. Respond to all comments.

6. Create a habit to comment on other blogs.

7. Avoid grammar errors.

8. Use tags

9. Make use of post interlinking.

10. The length of your post should be between 250 and 600.

11. Make use of fire shot to take screenshots.

12. Create your posts in series.

13. Ensure your posts contains valuable information.

14. Read other good blogs of your niche.

15. Design your blog to be SEO friendly.

16. Ensure to solve …

7 Awesome PTC Genuine Paying Sites

PTC sites are Paid To Click sites that pay money for viewing advertisements in the browser. No investment required.  PTC sites are genuine means to make money online. Easy and free registration, No technical skills needed to work, can start to earn from day 1 and payments are guaranteed on time.

PTC sites stand as middlemen between advertisers and members and they bring traffic in this process for the advertisers. A little of the commission that PTC sites gain from the advertisers is paid to the members that click on the advertisements displayed to them.

To start with, you will register with these PTC sites and gain access to your dashboard where all the adverts available for the day is displayed. Reward per click may range from $0.001 to $0.1 depending on your membership status.

When you view any ad, you account is credited immediately. After fulfilling withdrawal requirements, you can withdraw your hard earned cash.You can withdraw your cash through payments allowed by each PTC site…

40 Wonderful Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

Having an internet presence is good but driving big traffic to it is better. More traffic brings more money no matter the niche you are in. Driving huge traffic to your site is not an easy task neither is it a day's job. In this post, I will show you 40 wonderful ways to bring huge traffic to your blog free.

Many people have created blogs and tried to make money with them without success, Why, you may ask? The simple answer is traffic, a lot of traffic. To make a good sale from Amazon as an affiliate or get paid a handsome amount from Google Adsense, you need a lot of traffic.

Now let us go through the 50 ways to get traffic to your blog.

1. Create good quality content for your blog.

2. Perfect the art of email marketing.

3. Search for blogs that allow guest posting and guest post on them.

4. Create social accounts like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram. Use these social handles to promote your posts and you will be amazed at how much traffic you will drive to …

How To Promote Your Products, Services, Adverts and Posts

Online business is a serious issue but an interesting one. For you to start an online business, you need an internet presence. A kind of window shop where you display your products and services. To kick start this, you will need to create a self-hosted website and good design. You will also need to have major social media handles like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and much more. Having completed your internet presence registration, you will need to learn how to promote your products you intend to sell or services you want to render.  Let us consider some of the ways you can promote your goods and services.

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Paid Media You can pay ad networks to promote your goods and services. Taking advantage of these services like google AdWords, yahoo, info links and many others will do your online business a great good.
Social Media Platform Advertising Advertising on facebook, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and some other…